Certificate in Culinary Arts

Our Certificate in Pastry Arts program will prepare the students for a life in the rewarding field of pastry arts where the demand for pastry chefs is at its highest level. To become a pastry chef requires patience, organization, creativity and a lot of fundamental techniques to be able to produce products that are at par with world standard. Our pastry program is dedicated to teaching the skills necessary for you to become a part of this exciting and rewarding field.

Course Outline

Level 1

– History of Professional Baking
– Baking Formulas and Measurements
– The Professional Bakeshop
– Food safety and sanitation

Level 2

– Baking and pastry tools and equipments
– Standards in purchasing tools and equipments
– Tools and equipments identification
– Knife skills

Level 3

– Principles of baking
– Mixing,cooking and the process of baking
– Ingredients and its function

Level 4

– Mise en place
– Formulas and recipes
– Measurements and formula conversion
– Baker’s math

Level 5

– Quick breads
– Cookies and brownies

Level 6

– Enriched yeast breads production
– Artisan breads
– Commercial bread production

Level 7

– Pies and tarts
– Pastry dough
– Laminated dough

Level 8

– Cakes
– Specialty cakes
– Icings,syrup and sauces
– Cake decorating and presentation

Level 9

– Ice cream and frozen desserts
– Fruit desserts
– Restaurant desserts

Level 10

– Cakes and desserts buffet

Level 11

– Internal comprehensive competency examinations
– TESDA NC II examinations